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Meet young entrepreneur and dog enthusiast,
Ainsley Stapleton.

Ainsley Stapleton has been training dogs competitively since she was 11 years old. She’s owned her own dog training business, Universal Canine Dog Training, since the age of 14 and now also owns Canada’s leading online animal titling program, Universal Canine All Stars. Ainsley has been featured in numerous articles and television shows for her efforts in animal behaviour. Ainsley and her dogs dabble and compete in pretty well every dog sport but their main sport is dog agility. This year alone Ainsley and her dog Maisie placed 2nd in the Battle Of The Atlantic and 3rd in the NS/NFL Regionals competitions. Along with agility, Ainsley and her dog’s train and compete in rally, scent, dock diving, disc, barn hunt, brush hunt, freestyle heel work, competitive obedience, conformation… you name it, they’ve tried it. Ainsley has also dabbled in livestock conformation. Ainsley has participated and taken a wide range of animal behaviour and training courses/certifications including Dog Behaviour 101 with Cathie Bell (CPDT-KA) and the Canadian Council on Animal Care Experimental Animal User Training. Ainsley is currently enrolled in Dalhousie’s Companion Animal Behaviour course.


Ainsley has a passion for teaching and has held training classes as well as shadowed and subbed for other trainers throughout her entire career, however, is currently taking a break from teaching to further her education. 

In addition to being an AAC and UKI member, Ainsley is a proud member of the AAC Junior Handler Committee and has a strong passion for not only helping young people get involved but helping everyone feel welcomed and appreciated in the world of dog sports. She was one of three junior handlers worldwide selected for an apprenticeship with Kathleen Oswald.


Ainsley is a first year Pre-Vet student at Dalhousie University’s Agricultural Campus . She is this year’s Pre-Vet Society’s first year representative as well as the social media manager and a content creator for the Equine Committee and a member of the Aquaculture Society as well as a volunteer in the aquaculture unit. She has a huge passion for animals of all kinds and has worked in veterinary hospitals, grooming salons, dog daycares, animal retail, dog training centres and wildlife parks. 


In addition to animal behaviour, Ainsley takes a special interest in animal nutrition and is a certified raw pet food nutritionist. She has flown to Ottawa for a biology program and went to London England to Crufts. She was selected for and completed the Tim Ogilvie vet program at UPEI. 

Ainsley is currently pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine and planning to specialize in animal nutrition. 





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