Every dog needs a job.

At Universal Canine Dog Training we're committed to proving that every dog can learn and every dog can succeed. We strongly believe that EVERY dog NEEDS a job in order to feel fulfilled and happy.


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At Universal Canine, we look at each individual team (dog and handler) and assess their strengths and weaknesses to formulate a training plan that is perfect for them. We never use the same strategies for every dog, because every dog is different! We’re committed to proving that every dog can learn, and every dog can succeed. We strongly believe that EVERY dog NEEDS a job in order to feel fulfilled and happy! Giving your dog a job simply means that you are asking him or her to do something for you in order to earn things of value, such as meals, treats, bones, walks, playing fetch, or whatever it is that your dog enjoys and wants. Whether it’s a dog sport like agility, or just training at home. Dogs need jobs!


Meet the trainer

 Ainsley Stapleton is a Junior Dog Handler through Agility Association Canada (AAC). Ainsley has been training dogs since she was 11 years old. Ainsley has countless hours of experience with animal training and veterinary medicine. To give some example, Ainsley currently competes in agility and rally obedience with her own dogs and has trained competitively in rally obedience, jumping and agility and recreationally in freestyle heel work and obedience. Ainsley is also working on DMWYD/CKC trick dog titles with her papillon Maisie. Maisie has currently earned her NTD, ITD and ATD and has ETD and TDCH well on the way. Ainsley has participated and taken a wide range of dog behaviour and training courses, including Dog Behaviour 101 with Cathie Bell (CPDT-KA). Ainsley has been training puppy obedience in private sessions since she was 13, participated in the Encounters With Canada Science and Ecology program in Ottawa at age 15 and  completed the Tim Ogilvie Junior Vet summer program at the University of Prince Edward Island at age 15. Ainsley has worked a co-op student at the Shubenacadie Wildlife park volunteering in the caretaking of wildlife species taking a special interest in wild canine behaviour and well being. Ainsley is currently working as a co-op student at the Truro Animal Hospital. Currently, Ainsley works part-time as a photographer, dog daycare attendant and dog trainer at Pawsome Adventures in Elmsdale, N.S. Ainsley also shadows puppy obedience classes with Max Potential Dog Training and observes surgeries and appointments at the Elmsdale Animal Hospital. She is currently in the process of securing a co-op position at the East Hants animal hospital. Ainsley has owned and trained many dogs, however currently owns two papillons, Maisie and Ollie! Additionally, Ainsley has a passion for pet nutrition and is a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist! Ainsley has a passion for dog training and aspires to help everyone have happier and more obedient dogs!




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