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What you get along with the class you registered for:


We recognize and understand that your lives are busy! Sometimes, dog training classes aren't always top priority and are hard to remember! We send out weekly emails to remind students of their upcoming classes along with an explanation of what will be taught at that class and a list of materials required for each class. Each student is provided with their own workbook to take home that includes the entire curriculum for the course they registered for. This way, if a class is missed, they have the option of working from home that week!



Each and every UC training program is tailored to suit each and every handler's and dog's needs. Even though we follow a curriculum, we customize it for each team to make sure everyone gets a chance to learn and succeed!

Training ressources for life:

Registration for any UC program gives dog and handler teams training ressources for life. Every student is provided with a curriculum workbook with all of the exercises practiced in the course. This is handy for people who want to get a head start before each class, work on things at home in between classes and continue to work with their dog after classes are done! Trainers always make sure to make students feel that they can always ask for training help and advice during class and continue to ask training help and advice even when classes are finished. UC students have dog training ressources for life!

Current classes offered:

Ainsley has a passion for teaching and has held training classes as well as shadowed and subbed for other trainers throughout her entire career, however, is currently taking a break from teaching to further her education. 

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