How can we help you?

Check out some of our frequently asked questions regarding our programs. For any other questions and concerns, check out our get in touch section to ask us personally!

Q: "How does payment work? Weekly? Upfront?"

AA deposit is required 24 hours after registration. The remaining fee is due by cash or e-transfer by the first class.


Q: "Is my dog too old/young to register?"


A: Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age. Puppies and elderly dogs may have curriculums altered accordingly in order to ensure safety.

Q: " Are kids/young handlers allowed to participate?"


A: Junior handlers are always welcome and excel in our programs! All handlers are welcome, no matter what age!

Q: "How many dogs are permitted per class? Will we get one on one time with the trainer?"

A: Depending on class type, we only allow 5-7 dogs per class to ensure quality training time and plenty of one on one time with the trainer!

Q: "How often are classes? Length of classes?"

A: Classes are generally 6 weeks long, once a week for an hour each.  

Q: "What size/breed dogs are welcome to participate?"

A: All dogs, no matter the size or breed are welcome to participate!


Q: "What happens if I have to miss a class?"


A: If you cannot make it to class then please notify us VIA phone or email. You can always read through that weeks section in your workbook and work at home!